Car accidents ruin lives. In Florida, there are nearly 350,000 auto-related accidents every year. Many are catastrophic. When it comes to hiring an accident attorney, time is of the essence.

HOWEVER, IT IS CRUCIAL TO HIRE A PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY BASED ON MORE THAN JUST A TELEVISION OR BILLBOARD ADVERTISEMENT. At Braz Law, you will meet directly with the attorney and owner, Jason Brazelton. You will actually know your attorney. At times, you will work directly with your attorney to resolve your case.

When you sit down with a personal injury attorney, you will be asked a lot of questions. However, it's important to keep in mind that YOU are the customer. Ask your own questions. Here are just a few of the important questions you should keep in mind during the consultation:

What kind of results has the personal injury attorney obtained him/herself?

Beware! Many personal injury attorneys rely on the results of other lawyers in their firm. In addition, some personal injury attorneys advertise misleading results such as a "multi-million dollar judgment." Oftentimes, that multi-million dollar judgment is obtained at trial against what is referred to as an "empty chair" where no one defends the case. In those instances, the injury attorney settles with the insurance company for the policy limits and obtains the "multi-million dollar judgment" against a defunct/bankrupt person or corporation.

Mr. Brazelton has personally obtained a six-figure settlement for the full insurance policy limit - without even filing a lawsuit!  

How many years has the personal injury attorney been practicing law? 

Mr. Brazelton has been practicing law for a decade. Before that, Mr. Brazelton gained negotiation and legal experience in the "real world" as a contracts manager/purchasing agent for the United States Air Force. 

Has the attorney ever been to trial? 

Mr. Brazelton has tried several cases ranging in length from a few minutes to over a week. He has also argued significant cases at nearly every level of state and federal court.

Will the consulting attorney be lead counsel at trial? 

Mr. Brazelton has "first-chaired" every trial from the beginning of his legal career. 

Is the personal injury attorney knowledgeable in the insurance industry? 

Mr. Brazelton has dealt with auto insurance claims as well as property claims. He is familiar with auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, commercial general liability policies as well as construction surety bonds. 

Is the personal injury attorney reputable in the area? 

Mr. Brazelton is trusted by clients and other attorneys alike. He has been selected as a Florida Super Lawyers, Rising Star for consecutive years. In addition, other practicing attorneys have used Mr. Brazelton to represent them personally or their practices in collection-related matters. 

What costs does the personal injury attorney or their firm pass on to you as the client? 

As a small firm, Braz Law has the ability to be more efficient than large firms when it comes to controlling costs. In most cases, this allows the firm to pass savings along to its clients. 

Do you like the personal injury attorney?

In many instances, injury clients don't even meet their attorney or meet a firm associate. At Braz Law, you deal directly with Mr. Brazelton, your attorney and the firm owner. If you meet the attorney, do you see yourself getting along with him or her?

Being hurt is no fun. Personal injury is just that - personal. Your personal injury attorney should be someone that you have met, know and trust. At Braz Law, you will get personal attention for your injury case. 

 Contact your St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer, Braz Law, for a free consultation and information about how to Keep More!

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